Welcome to CPTherapy

CPTherapy is a highly specialised occupational therapy service for children with cerebral palsy. We only provide therapy services that are based on high-quality research evidence.

Our two occupational therapists, Brian Hoare BOT; PhD and Susan Greaves B.App.Sc (OT); PhD have over 45 years combined clinical and research experience in the assessment and treatment of children with cerebral palsy.

All services provided at CPTherapy are guided by your child and family goals. We support you to find ways to achieve these goals. Our early intervention service focuses on providing high quality, evidence-based early intervention services for children with cerebral palsy, aged 0 to 5 years. We use a range of interventions such as modified constraint-induced movement therapy, bimanual therapy and home programs


For school aged children and adolescents, we solely focus on achieving your child’s goals. We use evidence-based approaches such as goal-directed training, Pathways and Resources for Engagement and Participation (PREP), home programs and context-focussed intervention.

All outcomes from our interventions are evaluated using objective measurement tools, designed specifically for children with cerebral palsy.

Our Therapists

A/Prof Brian Hoare B.O.T, PhD

Dr Sue Greaves B.App.Sc (OT), MOT, PhD

If you are interested in accessing our services, please complete the contact form. Please remember, CPTherapy is highly specialised and services are restricted to children with a diagnosis of cerebral palsy